Live Events

Drawings made for the launch of PUBLIC HALL UK

"We engaged Victoria to capture images during the launch of our flagship new space in Westminster. She's a brilliantly talented artist, a total professional and a joy to work with."

Patrick Keogh

Daniel Family crest

Daniel Family crest

contemporary family crests

This project started out as a commission for a client which I developed into a collection of family crests. Each crest is based upon initial research into a family name and interpreted and redesigned. These images have been used in print and as laser cut designs.


Bumble profiles

These series of digital drawings were made for an online editorial about internet dating. Each drawing was made from an authentic profile. Names and details have been changed.


drawings for stories

These are a series of illustrations made in response to short stories.


Digital drawings and observations

Sketches from research


silly birds

Digital drawings for a falconry online editorial